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Hello, my name’s Sammer and I live right here in North Dallas.

I worked in retail flooring around Dallas for many years managing several stores and saw first hand exactly where clients numbered in company priorities.

Let’s just say it wasn’t at the top. Going out on my own has allowed me to personally oversee every project and making sure it’s done right first time around.

Covering a wide scope of work; I specialize in both residential and commercial flooring: from hardwood, bamboo, tile, natural stone, laminate and VCT and LPV flooring. Not to mention bathrooms, showers and often forgotten areas of a home: patios, porches and fireplaces.

I’ve been in this industry for a very long time so I tell it as it is.

I’m a published author, written dozens of online articles, put up another website to help folks remodel their bathrooms, serviced thousands of homes, been on countless inspections and seen the best and worst of it all.

I’ll be working with you from start to finish on your project.

You will never be handed off to another department, manager, supplier or anyone else. It’s just me – I take care of everything so there’s always one central point of accountability.

See you soon.

Why Choose Us?

My business model is very simple. From supplier to your home.  So I get the materials from the same suppliers as any store would. Any product!

You don’t pay for my rent or in-store inventory costs because I have none. Cost savings can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars (depending on the job).

Since I take you directly to supplier/manufacturer showrooms, you will see products no retail store carries. Perfect for those who just have to have something nobody else does.

An unfortunate yet common practice riddling the industry. This is where if you happen to live in a nicer area of Dallas, your price instantly increases by 50%. The more affluent the area, the worse it gets. I don’t do that. I’ll quote the same for an identical job whether it’s in Plano, Downtown or Garland.

My extensive list of impeccable references as well as industry expert’s backing doesn’t come because I screw people over. It comes through sheer hard work and transparency with everyone I work with. I treat you with honesty, courtesy and respect – just the way I like to be treated.

You can get tile or wood from anywhere. Very few can put a room together for you. Having done literally thousands of homes and worked extensively with designers, I know what colors, sizes, patterns/designs work and which don’t. I’m not shy to tell you if it looks absolutely disgusting. So if you are unsure, I can bring it all together for you so you won’t have to worry about making a mistake. I also know the latest product lines very well so if you are after a specific look, I’ll know exactly what to show you.

Whether you prefer viewing samples from the comfort of your home or browsing a showroom, I’ll work with you. Since I have great rapport with many suppliers, they’ve allowed me to bring clients to their showrooms. Showrooms that give you full access to product lines and often designers/staff well versed in new home construction and remodels.

You will not find more attention to detail oriented installers. They are the best of the best having done work on several high profile athletes. I hand-picked them not only for their first class quality of work, but their punctuality, efficiency, clean backgrounds and their courteous and respectful mannerisms in your home. All workers working in your home that handle plumbing or electrical are licensed and insured as per Texas State Law.

I’ll be sure to leave your home in better condition than I found it. After the dust settles (literally), I’ll take care of the clean up for you so you don’t have to (on major remodels).

It’s not bragging because – it’s true! Well, that’s what clients have said anyway. Since I work directly with you – I take a hands-on role in managing your project from start through to completion. Even the little things that make a big difference – I ensure they are done. Courtesy calls/e-mails to update you on anything. Being careful in your home. Keeping our communication lines open. Things the vast majority of retailers quite frankly (my dear) don’t give a damn about.

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