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The Flooring By Sammer Difference

Flooring By Sammer is the number one kitchen flooring service center for you. We focus solely on flooring, so you know that you’re getting the best as we have mastered our craft over the years and have a passion for detail and perfection.

We provide unmatched service, quality, and pricing for all of your new custom kitchen flooring remodeling demands. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home for many homeowners. 

It's where meals are prepared and eaten, games are played, and holiday memories are made. Our experts can help make this space even better. Think of us as your magic wand, turning your kitchen into a spectacular showstopper.

When Should You Remodel Your Kitchen Floors

Most homeowners remodel their kitchen floors every 10 to 15 years. This is usually due to natural wear and tear that inevitably takes place over time, style and design preference changes, or a mix of both. 

There are a few key signs to look out for to know when it’s time to remodel your kitchen floors:

  • Sagging or Buckling
  • Chips or Cracks
  • Water Damage

With all of these issues, they will only continue to worsen over time. By ignoring it, you could cause further damage to your home, making it harder and more expensive to fix the longer you wait. 

Kitchen Floor Remodeling Process

There is a general process that takes place for all kitchen flooring remodels. Flooring By Sammer is here to help you every step of the way!


This will help you ensure that everything is the right fit and is proportional. You can start by taking general measurements, and we can help you figure out what these measurements mean and how much they will potentially cost.

Design Layout: 

With many different flooring options, come many different design options. It will be important to consider the proportions of your kitchen, the style, and the color that you want. Our team can help in this process by offering flooring samples to consider. 

Finish Selection:

Once you have a basic idea of what you are wanting to change or improve, the process will become much easier and so exciting! 

Budget Planning: 

You will want to come up with a budget for your project, and figure out if you will need a loan. Once you have this number in mind, we can help you determine the labor costs and materials that will fit into your price range. 

Build & Installation:

Next, the fun begins and the process will actually start. Flooring by Sammer will take it from here and help to remodel the bathroom of your dreams. Watch your bathroom transform into what you envisioned, while adding value to your home. 

An upgraded kitchen will make you feel more relaxed and in your element. It will create a new space for your family and potentially even guests to enjoy. Your vision has come to life and you can feel even more at home now that your personal design choices are here for you to enjoy. 


How much should it cost to replace a kitchen floor?

Kitchen floor remodeling is a big investment and can range in price. It all depends on the size of your kitchen, as well as your design and material choices. Simply remodeling the floor of your kitchen, however, rather than its entirety, is a great place to start and can add immense value to your home. 

What is the best flooring to have in a kitchen?

Typically, the best flooring is going to be either hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring. This is simply due to the durability of this flooring, as well as the look of it. 

Almost any kind of flooring can be used in the kitchen though, other than carpet. 

How do you renovate a kitchen floor?

The exact process for this has been laid out above. Flooring By Sammer is here to walk you through the entire process. 

For any questions or iniquiries, reach out to us through our contact page.

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