About Us

Highly skilled certified Flooring Installation guaranteed.


Flooring by Sammer was established to meet the growing demand for professional flooring installation services. Our primary goal is to professionally install all types of floors in accordance with the industry's highest standards. We go to great lengths to provide high-quality service while also ensuring a safe environment for a satisfied customer. We've established a solid reputation in the market for producing high-quality work and have grown our clientele through personal referrals. Flooring by Sammer is dedicated to serving its customers and the community by instilling its core values - honesty and integrity - in our decisions and actions.

Meet Sammer

I worked in retail flooring around Dallas for many years managing several stores and saw first hand exactly where clients numbered in company priorities.

Let’s just say it wasn’t at the top.

Covering a wide scope of work; I specialize in both residential and commercial flooring: from hardwood, bamboo, tile, natural stone, laminate, luxury vinyl plank and all commercial flooring. Not to mention bathrooms and showers of course where we do bathroom remodels.

I’ve been in this industry for a very long time (17+ years) so I tell it as it is.

I’m a published author, written dozens of online articles, serviced thousands of homes, been on countless inspections and seen the best and worst of it all.

Really looking forward to working with you!

See you soon.


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