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Plano, TX Floor Restoration

Home and condo insurance typically covers floors and carpets if an uncontrollable event causes the damage. Scratches, dents, spills, and other accidents may be excluded from coverage.


Carpets accumulate and hold allergies, filth, dust, and other problems over time. Why replace it when it's less expensive to refurbish and maintain? Flooring by Sammer's expert crew can handle all of your carpet repair needs.

Our expert professionals adhere to high professional standards that ensure complete client satisfaction. Our carpet restoration procedure involves the following steps:

  • Inspecting and determining your individual carpet restoration requirements.
  • Determine the best approach, supplies, and tools for eliminating carpet stains, smells, or other repairs.
  • Stain or odor cleaning and carpet restoration will be performed with extreme caution to minimize further harm to your carpet.

After the removal/repair is completed, we will evaluate your carpet to determine if any essential repairs were overlooked.



We restore and revive your wood floors during a floor refinishing service. Don't despair if you believe your wood floor is beyond repair. We can most likely make your flooring shine like new.

Our crew is here to assist if you're unsure whether your flooring can be salvaged. We can repair the majority of the damage seen on wood floors. Anything too severe can be replaced, although usually significant damage is limited to a small region. 

Our experts may be able to replace just a few planks while restoring the rest of the floor and refinishing the entire floor to match, saving you the cost of a complete re-installation.

Complete Restore

Our flooring experts specialize in recovering highly damaged hardwood floors, such as those that are rough, have bare/stripped wood, or have deep scratches and gouges. We will refurbish those hardwood floors to their original smoothness and sheen.

Our floor restoration specialists are real professionals in restoring your flooring. We restore your hardwood floors to their original condition or provide a newly updated finish! Our skilled craftspeople have years of expertise in repairing hardwood. In extreme instances, we will never offer a re-installation except when your floors are irreparably damaged.

We also deal with historic wood floors and can restore them to their original color and condition.


It makes no sense to rip up a whole floor when a few defective tiles can be replaced. Flooring by Sammer Universal Tile Restoration is your one-stop shop for fixing Plano tiles and installing ceramic and porcelain tiles.

We repair loose, hollow, buckled, crunchy, or cracking tiles. Our idea is to fix the floor without removing all of the tiles. Tile cracks allow moisture to enter where it should not. We can often address the problem the first time we arrive.

In addition to tile repair, Flooring by Sammer offers grout and tile cleaning. The waterproof cement that goes between the tiles is known as grout. It can get dirty over time or dissolve due to exposure and dampness, causing your flooring to become unclean and introducing mold into your house. The grout is restored without the necessity for untidy construction or the removal of excess tiles.

Common Floor Damages


If someone spills a drink, knocks over a paint container, or your kid decides your floor is the best canvas for permanent markers, your insurance company may refuse to pay to clean the carpet or replace the floor.

Scuffs, Dents, and Cracks

If you drop an object on the floor and it scratches, dents, or breaks, your insurance provider may decline to pay for the damage.

Water harm

Water damage that occurs unexpectedly and unexpectedly is typically covered by homeowners insurance. You may be insured, for example, if a pipe bursts or a washing machine overflows and destroys your floor. However, if floods cause the water, separate insurance usually will cover it.


Seepage that happens over time may develop into mold, typically not covered by your home insurance. However, in some areas, your insurer must give coverage if the seepage damage is fully disguised and hence undiscovered by the homeowner, such as a pipe inside a shower wall.

Restoration FAQ’s

Does renters insurance cover carpet and floor damage?

The actual structure of the apartment, condo, or house you're renting is not covered by renters insurance. Your landlord's policy may cover damage to the flooring or carpet caused by a covered risk.

Is pet damage to your carpet and flooring covered by your homeowners' insurance?

Property damage caused by your dogs is often not covered by homeowners or condo insurance. So, your insurance will not cover repairing the damage if your new dog chews on your carpet or enjoys the sound of his claws scraping the hardwood flooring.

Will your renters' insurance cover pet damage to your carpets and floors?

Pet damage to the floor of your apartment is often not covered by renters insurance. However, liability coverage on your renters' policy may compensate for losses caused by your pet that exceed the value of your security deposit.

Sammer Flooring for All Floor Restoration Needs

You are not alone if you are dealing with insurance claims for water-damaged hardwood flooring. Every year, this is one of the most prevalent insurance claims. It can be challenging to navigate the claim, repair, replacement, and negotiating processes.

However, educating yourself on your options and coverage and advocating for yourself in your claim can pay dividends and leave you with a new floor you'll adore!

If you have any questions, please call or send us a message through our contact page.

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