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If you’re looking for a reputable Dallas flooring contractor to do your hardwood, carpet, tile, shower or bathroom project then listen up! There’s a good chance if you’ve spent anytime shopping around, you’ve likely:

  • Been pressured into buying crap you don’t want
  • Gotten scammed
  • Couldn’t find anyone to help you
  • Wandered from store to store wondering if this process will ever end
  • The other guy never sent you an estimate

And here you are reading this because you still have no idea what you want or where to go. Don’t worry, I’ll have that rock for a head of yours convinced in no time.

Look, I’m not going to tell you how good our work is.

You can check for yourself here.

Every type of floor is covered (no pun intended) from hardwood, laminate, travertine, porcelain tile, commercial vinyl planks, VCT as well as carpet. Instead, I’m going to lay (no pun again, promise) it out very clearly so you’re better equipped to tackle your project.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to do, I’ve worked extensively with:

  • New construction and creating your “dream home”
  • Commercial jobs
  • Existing remodel/gut out of home
  • Rental properties
  • Water damage to homes
  • Hail and/or tornado and fire replacement
  • Insurance companies and claims
  • Banks (hate the bastards!) and home improvement loans

Here’s what you get when you work with me:

  • Honesty, transparency and integrity
  • A look you will absolutely love for your home
  • Someone who knows flooring
  • Excellent installation
  • An overall experience that may just change your perspective on Dallas flooring contractors

There is a lot of confusion out there whether you’re remodeling floors, countertops or bathrooms. I’ve written extensively about this to help flooring shoppers in the Dallas area get the facts.

The good news is it’s actually very simple if you have the right guide. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to begin or know exactly what you want: I can still help.

From product recommendations to second opinions, I have your back.

All of the videos and images on this site were a result of listening to folks. They were so thrilled with the final result, they welcomed their homes being showcased here.

So before you even think about remodeling your flooring, bathroom, shower or kitchen, putting in new tile, carpet or hardwood – take a brief tour of this site then contact me.

Acting on the advice can be the difference between a great experience and an increase in high blood pressure medication.

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