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Not only are my guys very experienced (25+ years) in laying ceramic, rectified and non rectified porcelain tile, stone like marble, granite, travertine and slate but they take great pride in their work as you can see from the testimonials, galleries and videos.

There’s a difference between installing tile and stone…and craftsmanship.

You can find tile installers anywhere but finding that right pro who gives your project everything he’s got is exceptionally rare. They are very detail oriented and they will sometimes just stare at me when I give them a suggestion. I get the point and leave.

If you watch them work, you will notice they don’t just slap the thinset down and plonk the tiles and finish as fast as they can. They are meticulous, carefully measuring out every aspect of the installation before and during the project ensuring each tile is level and no “lippage” occurs (extremely important when working with rectified tile).

They take a level to it. They get down on their knees and tilt sideways to make sure it’s right. They will take the whole tile off the wall or floor if they don’t like the way it sits. Their cuts are excellent.

It sounds OCD to some, but you get a quality installation you can be proud of instead of “meh”.

Look, we’ve worked on the simple to the ridiculous so go ahead and let us know how you want your tile flooring to look like after we are done and we will make it happen.

All our installations comply with the ANSI Standards as outlined in the Tile Council of North America.

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