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Vinyl Flooring Installation Done Right

If you’re looking for vinyl flooring installation and you want it done right – contact me right away. We knock out most jobs within a couple of days so you can have your home back sooner. 

We specialize in installing luxury vinyl flooring and we do not take shortcuts:

  • We acclimate the materials first (contrary to what a lot of salespeople tell you)
  • Moisture test your slab to ensure it’s suitable for vinyl flooring
  • Floating/leveling your concrete sub floor ensuring you don’t get low spots (hollow sound when you walk on it)
  • If using glue, we make sure it’s the right glue approved by the manufacturer
  • If removing your baseboards, we reinstall and recaulk them

Whether you need just installation services or a turnkey job; contact us now and watch how fast we get an estimate back to you!

Common Industry Tricks, Gimmicks & Tactics To Lure You In…


x Very low square foot price…then hit you with add ons
x Not following proper installation techniques
x Cheap Labor
x Cheap materials
x Use inferior adhesives
x Hidden charges like moving furniture, take up and disposal of old floor, etc.
x Don’t include moldings or baseboard work

We don’t play these games. 

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