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If you’re looking for top rated floor installers in Dallas, read this before hiring anyone…

You will always find someone who will do it cheaper – that’s why it’s a big mistake to price shop specialized labor. If lowest cost is the only thing you’re looking for, then we’re not the right fit for you.

However if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck by exceptional installers providing excellent flooring installation services, then talk to us right here.

We can assure you there are huge differences between “the cheaper” installers and those who know their craft and that is essentially what you pay for.

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What Makes Our Floor Installers Different?


  • For a start, they are specialized.

Our porcelain and marble tile installers don’t do wood and our wood guys don’t do carpet. They focus on one particular craft and they excel at it. They are polite, punctual, communicate well and respect your home. Their entire focus is finishing your job as best as possible.

  • Secondly, we don’t use cheap materials. Sure, we could use cheap wood adhesives, void your warranty by doing so and you’d never know (rife in this industry!) But we know and we don’t do it.  We make sure to use precisely what each manufacturer recommends even if it costs more. 


  • Even the grout we use for all tile installation is permanently sealed so you never have to seal it. This grout is significantly more expensive than non sealed grout.

Here’s another difference:

If you’re doing hardwood flooring installation and want your floor finished with a particular polyurethane coat – the vast majority of wood floor installers use a cheaper coat as a first coat and then the more expensive coat as the final coat to give it that pristine look. It looks great sure and you can’t tell the difference, but why cheap out?

We use the best we have on your floor, always.

  • We don’t use inferior grade wood aka “seconds”, “cabin grade” or “shorts”. Your hardwood will be correctly acclimated according to the National Wood Flooring Association’s accepted standards.

If your slab is uneven, we will need to either float or grind it to make sure it’s as flat as possible. We will moisture test it as well before laying a single board.

All of these precautions and extra elements cost additional time and money yes, but you get a superior installation every time.


We’ll Stand Behind ALL Of Our Flooring Installations


When you hire us, you have someone on your side who stands behind their work.

If for any reason the flooring installed doesn’t perform due to faulty workmanship, we will make all required repairs at no cost to you. You’re backed by a full 12 month labor assurance guarantee (your floor will have adequate time in that period in different conditions).

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and/or confused by which flooring installation company to use, contact us first. It’s just wise to get a second opinion especially when you’re about to invest in your home.

You will deal with one person throughout your project and they’re always a call, text or e-mail away.


Highly Trusted Experts


Clients trust us because we know what we’re doing.

We know flooring installation well, no matter what you’re looking to put down whether it’s one room or an entire home.

You can be assured no shortcuts will be taken and you’ll walk away satisfied things were done right. 

Whether you want patterned carpet seamed a certain way, customized hand scraped hardwood flooring, or large, rectified tile with small grout lines – there’s nothing we haven’t mastered.

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