How to Stain a Wood Floor

November 2, 2022

When you see the beauty of a wood floor, you may wonder what it would look like in your home. However, there is no need to wonder because staining a wood floor is a great possibility for almost any home. In fact, with the proper preparation and materials, you can have your wood floor stained in no time.

Staining wood floors is easy once you have the right tools and preparation. The hardest part about staining a wood floor is choosing the stain color that fits the room best. 

For your wood flooring, you can also hire a professional company like Flooring by Sammer! Read on for everything you need to know about staining a wood floor from start to finish.

What Is Staining?

Staining is a process that adds color to the surface of an item. It is different from painting because you only apply the color to the item's surface. Staining a wood floor can be a good option if the wood is in rough condition or if you do not want to repaint or repair the floor.

You can stain a wood floor to change the color or cover up a stain or mark on the wood. Staining is a good option if you want to change the floor's color but don’t want to change the room's look completely.

What You’ll Need


Staining a wood floor is much easier after sanding the wood. Sanding removes any imperfections that are within the wood. This will also help you achieve a smooth finish after staining.

Drop cloths

Always use a drop cloth when staining any flooring. This protects the home and your clothing. You can use drop cloths made from plastic or cloth.

Masking tape 

Masking tape is necessary if you stain the wood floor in a pattern. You will need to tape off areas of the wood to prevent staining in those spots.

Stiff-bristle brush

A stiff-bristled brush removes any dust from the wood before staining. This will help you achieve a smooth finish.


Make sure you buy high-quality wood floor stains. You can choose between oil-based and water-based stains.


Always use a sealer after staining a wood floor. This will help protect the wood and prevent staining. There are several different types of sealers to choose from. 


Gloves will protect your hands during the staining process. Using gloves will prevent you from getting stains on your hands.

How To Stain A Wood Floor

While you can stain wood floors at any time of year, there are a few situations when it’s best to wait until the colder months to begin. If the wood floor is under a rug or furniture, wait until it’s removed to stain.

When the temperature outside is between 40 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s the ideal time to stain your wood floors. Staining wood floors can be a messy process.

For best results, do it on a warm, dry day without any precipitation in the forecast. You’ll have a lot of materials and equipment to protect from the mess, including your clothes, so put on old clothes and grab some gloves to keep everything clean as you work.

Step 1: Apply The Stain Sealant

The first step to staining your wood floor is to apply the stain sealant. This layer will protect the wood from the stain and give it a uniform color. Get a clean mop bucket or paint tray and line it with a plastic drop cloth.

Pour the sealant into the tray until it’s approximately two inches deep. Select an applicator, like a paint roller or pad, and dip it into the stain sealant.

Begin applying the stain sealant to the wood floor in one direction. Go back and forth over the wood and cover all areas thoroughly.

Step 2: Light Sanding And Second Coat Of Sealant

Now that the wood is covered in sealant, you can begin light sanding. First, remove the sealant from the wood using a soft cloth; use the side without the sandpaper. Once the sealant is removed, you can begin sanding the wood using the sandpaper side of the cloth.

Start at one corner and sand the wood diagonally across the floor. Then, move to the next corner and sweep diagonally back. Continue sanding until the entire floor is covered.

Repeat the process with the second clean cloth and a new sealant.

Step 3: Darker Sanding And Final Coat Of Sealant

Now that the wood floor has been stained and sealed, it’s time to stain the wood and add an extra layer of protection. Start by cleaning the wood floor with a soft cloth and removing the sealants.

Use a tack cloth to ensure that no sealant remains. Apply the stain to the wood floor and use a clean cloth to apply it. Make sure the wood is covered thoroughly. Finally, apply the final sealant to the wood floor.

Hire a Professional Flooring Installer Instead

Staining wood floors can be a daunting task, even for DIYers. It is hard to get the right color, and it can take several coats to get the desired coverage. You also have to deal with potential staining issues if you’re not careful.

By hiring a professional flooring installer, you can avoid all of these problems. Instead of trying to stain your wood flooring, hire a professional installer. They will do all the work for you, ensuring that your wood flooring looks excellent.

You will get the right color and coverage without any issues. And by avoiding any potential staining issues, you can rest easy knowing that your floors are in good hands.

Let Flooring By Sammer Stain and Install Your Wood Flooring

Flooring by Sammer can do it all! We are a full-service stain and install company offering wood flooring installation, remodeling, restoration, and more. We can help you with everything from choosing the right wood flooring to sealing it after installation and repairing scratches and dents on your existing floor.

We also provide professional repair services for any damage caused by weather or accidents. If you are looking for a professional wood floor installer in Dallas, contact and schedule an appointment with Flooring by Sammer today!

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