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Without doubt, luxury plank vinyl flooring is one of the fastest and hottest flooring products in Dallas right now and every flooring contractor and client is raving about it.

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Trouble is, not many know how to install it right.

More on that shortly.

Not only is it a radical change from the old sheet vinyl of many years ago, but the fact is, luxury plank vinyl (LPV) really is an incredible floor to put down if you’re looking for a very long lasting product that can hold up well to:
  • Foot traffic
  • Furniture
  • Pets
  • Chemicals
  • Moisture
  • Heat
  • Nuclear detonation (just kidding)

This floor is designed to take a beating and look great in the process.

It’s as resilient as it is affordable. As well as being relatively inexpensive compared to other options, it is also waterproof which makes it perfect for rental properties or even modern kitchens and bathroom floors as it will hold up even if submerged under water.

Nothing comes close to it in terms of cleaning – because it is both a glue down and/or click product, it sits very flat which makes vacuums, brushes, mops and brooms glide over it effortlessly.

Since it also comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles – from wood flooring planks to ceramic tile looks, it is more and more being used today by commercial retailers and homeowners alike.

The look and feel of it is so realistic, an untrained eye can usually never know it is actually a vinyl and not a hardwood product!

Installation Mastery

This type of floor needs to be installed correctly or you will have issues. Major issues.

We acclimate them as well as testing the slab for moisture prior to install then float/level the slab to ensure a proper installation. Even though it is a waterproof product, moisture testing prior to install is required. The adhesive used must be correct or the floor will slide and/or come up.

A lot of commercial installations have gone south due to lack of understanding on how to best install LVP and VCT flooring.

My guys are CFI certified and very experienced with both vinyl commercial tile (VCT – the type of flooring you find in a Wal-Mart) and LPV flooring. Finding people who know both of these products and how to best install them at this level is very difficult to find in Dallas.

We don’t mess around here: you will get an excellent look for your property/business as well as unsurpassed installation quality.

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