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Hardwood Flooring Service in Lewisville, Tx


Hardwood flooring is among the most popular and versatile flooring options available. It is also one of the most durable and long lasting, making it perfect for any home. At Flooring by Sammer, we specialize in a variety of hardwood services.

We can help you choose the right type of wood for your home and create a detailed plan for installation. Whether you’re looking to add new wood floors in an existing home or build from the ground up with hardwood flooring from Flooring by Sammer, our experienced team will help bring your vision to life.

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What Is Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is a type of wooden flooring material. There are many different types of hardwood flooring, but they all have a few things in common: they’re all made from wood, have a decorative quality, and are all long-lasting.

You'll enjoy countless years of use when you install hardwood flooring in your home. Hardwood flooring is available in both engineered and solid-wood types.

The difference is that engineered wood is made from authentic wood products, while solid wood is made from one piece of wood. Both types are durable and long lasting, making them ideal for homes and businesses.

Types Of Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to hardwood flooring, you’ll find that various types of wood can be used to create the flooring. Some of the most popular types include:


This type of hardwood is trendy and is one of the most expensive. It has a rich color and can withstand moisture, making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


Another type of wood that is incredibly popular, maple, is often used by homeowners because it’s known for its durability and hardness. In addition, this type of wood has a great deal of character and has several different shades.


Cherry hardwood flooring is often bright in color, with a reddish-brown shade. It’s also very durable and can withstand moisture and other harsh conditions. However, this type isn’t all that common because it’s relatively expensive.


This type of wood is often used for floors because it has a high strength rating and can withstand wear and tear. It’s also quite affordable and easily accessible.


Walnut wood is very dark, but it can also be found in lighter shades. It’s very durable and is perfect for use in kitchens or other high-traffic areas. In addition, this type of wood also looks excellent with traditional-style furniture.


This type of wood is often used in areas such as the kitchen or dining room because it’s affordable and easy to install. In addition, it’s also incredibly durable and hardy. However, pine does tend to be more susceptible to moisture damage than other types of wood.

Is Hardwood Flooring Right For Me?

Hardwood flooring is perfect for any home or business setting. It’s available in various colors and styles. Installing new hardwood flooring is affordable. If you’ve been considering upgrading your flooring, now is the time to do it!

You might be thinking about installing new hardwood flooring, but you’re unsure if it’s right for you. Before you move forward with any home improvement project, you must consider a few factors.

First, you’ll want to consider how the new flooring will look in your home. You’ll also want to think about how it will fit with the rest of your interior design. And finally, you’ll want to consider how much the project will cost.

If you’ve considered all of these factors and are ready to install new hardwood flooring, we’re here to help you make it happen!

Hardwood Flooring FAQs

How To Maintain Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring maintenance is relatively easy. All you need to do is keep the floors clean and make sure that you periodically apply a wood hardener to them. A wood hardener will help preserve your floor, allowing it to last many years.

How Do I Clean Hardwood Floors?

You should not have to wash your hardwood floors very often because they are easy to maintain and keep clean. However, if you notice any spills, you can take care of them quickly. Simply mop the floors with warm water and a neutral cleaner. If you need to remove an oil stain, use an oil stain remover and scrub the area with a clean rag.

Can You Paint Hardwood Floors?

You can paint hardwood floors if you want to. However, you should only paint the flooring if it is already damaged and you are trying to hide the damage. Otherwise, it is recommended not to paint them to help keep their value.

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Look no further if you’re searching for hardwood flooring service in Lewisville, TX. Flooring by Sammer specializes in the installation of new hardwood floors in homes and businesses. We have over 20 years of experience installing high-quality flooring in homes and businesses across the Lewisville area. We specialize in all types of hardwood flooring!

Our team has expert knowledge of all types of wood flooring and how to install it in your home or business. Whether you need a one-time installation or ongoing maintenance services, we are here to help you get the most out of your investment. Call us at 214-650-8030 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives today.

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At Flooring by Sammer, we are dedicated to providing our customers exceptional service and high-quality products. Our team is highly trained and experienced in helping customers find the perfect flooring solution for their homes or businesses. 

At Flooring by Sammer, we take our work seriously. We treat every project as if it were for our own home because we know how important it is to have a beautiful space to call your own.

We respect the trust and investment placed in us by our customers, and we take great pride in our work. We’ve built our business on providing high-quality craft and professional service. If you’re looking for hardwood flooring service in Lewisville, TX, we’d love to help you get the flooring you’ve always wanted!

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