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As a leading provider of commercial flooring in Addison, we understand that businesses have unique needs when it comes to their interior design. Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, bar, nightclub, or another type of commercial property, the right flooring can make all the difference. 

With so many options available today, it can be difficult to know which kind of floor is right for your business or property. We specialize in all things commercial and residential flooring from showrooms to warehouses. Our experts at Flooring by Sammer should be your go-to trusted source for your flooring needs.

Commercial Flooring Types

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has caught the flooring world by storm in the last decade or so. This tough material has three parts: a vinyl core for dimensional stability, a compelling visual coating that can look like almost any other material, and an exterior wear layer.

LVT has proven to be both durable and beautiful enough for high-traffic hospital shared areas but also expensive restaurants. LVT is one of the most adaptable commercial flooring materials on the market today, with options in every price point and design.

While LVT is unlikely to be suitable for harsh industrial or commercial cooking applications, it is more than tough enough to endure the foot traffic, abrasions, and messes of any office, hospital, or school setting. LVT is more versatile and visually attractive for commercial applications than other resilient flooring solutions.

Carpet Tiles

Because of its practical advantages over broadloom carpets, carpet tiles are dominating the soft-surface flooring industry. Carpet tiles are more costly than broadloom, but they are easier to repair. Carpet tiles are the greatest soft-surface alternative for high-traffic areas, as it is considerably less expensive to replace a broken carpet tile compared to having to re-seam, re-stretch, and replace a complete roll of broadloom.

Spills and wetness have become less of an issue with the introduction of industrial-strength and water-resistant carpet tiles. Even in high traffic areas, most carpet tile flooring will retain their beauty with regular vacuuming and cleaning. And, when pieces wear out, the tiles are readily replaced, saving your institution important time and money by avoiding a whole replacement.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a low-cost alternative for a wide range of applications, including medical facilities and food distribution centers. This flooring system is made by directly applying a thermosetting glue to a water concrete slab. The surface layer then protects the surface from abrasions, foot traffic, and chemical spills.

Epoxy is versatile and robust enough to be used as flooring in manufacturing buildings and hangars, visually pleasing enough to be used in retail areas, and sterile enough to be used in stringent lab conditions. Furthermore, as a LEED-certified product, its ability to guard against stains, mold, and smells has made it a very popular healthcare facility alternative.

Epoxy flooring is long-lasting, but it must be laid properly to deliver on that promise. Prior to applying the epoxy coating, the concrete must be cleaned and cracks fixed with urethane. When epoxy is put before preparing, it is more prone to flake or chip sooner than expected.


Terrazzo is the undisputed leader in flooring durability. Terrazzo is produced from a concrete mixture or an epoxy resin combined with marble or reclaimed granite glass, as well as a variety of other stones.

Terrazzo is also one of the most artistically adaptable materials on the market, making it ideal for adding bespoke logos and graphics into your flooring. Terrazzo is employed in places where you want to make an impression, such as opera halls, showrooms, entranceways, and high-end office spaces.

Rubber Floors

Rubber flooring is not only resilient to the wear and tear of large traffic loads; its cushioned nature also decreases staff and consumer weariness as they walk. It also decreases the amount of noise caused by weights dropping or trolleys rolling, protects the subfloor from impact damage, and is slip-resistant.

While it is simple to install and clean, its "rubbery" odor will remain for a long time after installation. Furthermore, the lack of style and finishing possibilities makes this primarily a functional product than an appealing one. Despite its disadvantages, rubber flooring is an excellent choice for usage in gyms, laboratories, and hospitals due to its strength, durability, and acoustic properties.

We've compiled a list of the top commercial-rated flooring options for installation in high-traffic areas. However, determining the optimum solution for your building's needs must take a number of factors into account.

That is something we can help you with.

The Flooring by Sammer Difference 

Certified In Commercial Flooring

A Certified Flooring Installer (commercial) has been to special training specifically for commercial flooring work. Our installers are certified by either CFI or other specialist industry schools like Armstrong. So whether it’s commercial carpet, porcelain or ceramic tile, LVT or vinyl plank, you’re in the safest hands possible.

On-Time, Every Time

We fully understand how important it is to complete our work on time as it affects other trades. We’ll wrap up our work on time so the rest of your project can go as smoothly as possible.

No Shortcuts. Ever.

Here’s what happens when you take shortcuts – guaranteed problems. In this case, the previous contractors (believe it or not) first used leveling compound but apparently, using more to get the floor right wasn’t worth their time, so they stuck pieces of cardboard under there – over the wet floor!


Commercial Flooring Experts in Addison

We’re experts in commercial flooring. We understand the needs of businesses across Addison and the surrounding areas. Whether you run a restaurant, hotel, retail shop, fitness center, or another type of business, we can help you select the right flooring for your space. 

Evaluate your space and consider your expectations for future growth. Do you have a lot of foot traffic? Will you be hosting large events with a lot of people? Do you need to protect your flooring from spills and other potential hazards? These are all good questions to ask when selecting a new floor for your business or property.

Call us today for a free consultation and to get started in leveling up your commercial space.

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