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If you’re looking for specific types of laminate flooring in Dallas to replace old carpet or simply want quality installation, then call or text us now: 469-754-8900.

Whether you’re after the hand scraped, smooth or textured type of laminate for your home, rental property or flip house, I get any product on the market directly from the manufacturers.

This simply means you don’t overpay but there’s something else you need to be very wary of:

Not all laminate is the same!

Some places just advertise the thickness of the product without telling you how it’s made or how well it installs.

Whether it’s Quick-Step, Mannington or a Chinese laminate brand – or many of the other brands out there; just let me know what you’re looking for and you’ll be surprised what we can do all over the Dallas area.

See, because I personally run my own crews and ensure they go to hardwood and laminate training and certification classes at least once a year, our rate of call-back/do-overs is extremely low. This means you’re assured of installes who know what they’re doing.


A durable, low maintenance floor that will hold up to whatever you or your family and/or pets throw at for the life of your home!

Feel free to browse through the gallery to get an idea of the types of projects we work on

The Difference

A lot of people lure you in with “too good to be true” offers.

We don’t do that crap.

Look, we don’t play games telling you it’s going to be $2.99 per square foot installed just to get you signed on then start adding things onto the job as they come up.

Then you realize it wasn’t such a great deal after all. (I’ve heard of people selling vinyl plank but telling the customer it was laminate!)

That’s just poor customer service and a poor way to do business.

No – we’re very honest with you upfront.

We’ll tell you during the estimate exactly what may be additional and note it on your order so you have absolute peace of mind and can plan accordingly.

Fair enough?

You can get laminate floors in Dallas pretty much anywhere these days but finding someone who makes you their priority while the job is ongoing is rare.

From product selection to final caulking and clean up, we don’t skip from job to job leaving your house torn up – we work every day until it is done.

It’s just the way it should be done.

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