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Storm & Flood Damage


frisco hardwood flooring warped
Watch your step!

Has your flooring been destroyed by recent storms? Perhaps a hot water heater just gave out and now you’re flooded?

Did you know depending on the flooring you have, there’s a very good chance your insurance company will replace all your floors?

Carpet when water damaged, needs to be replaced.

Same with hardwood, laminate and any product containing wood.

See once water gets into the carpet padding, it sets the stage for mold to grow. So pad and carpet need to go.

If water gets underneath your hardwood or any product containing wood like laminate or cork, it immediately starts to swell. That is why after a few hours or a day, your hardwood starts to buckle. As the hours pass, eventually all areas affected by excessive moisture will start to “ramp” like this and sometimes it’s so severe, it’s a real trip hazard as seen here!

The structural integrity of the wood itself is irreparably damaged so it needs to be replaced as well as any connecting areas.

Now most insurance companies when they see even one room damaged like this, will give you an allowance to replace the entire area as nobody wants different types of wood in different rooms when they’ve put just one type throughout.

Tile is just about the only bullet proof floor type that won’t be adversley affected by moisture. 

If you’ve called your insurance company to give you an assessment of the damages, be sure to connect with us.

We’ve worked extensively with adjusters and insurance companies throughout Dallas to help clients with their claims.

Contact us below for a prompt quote so you can get your home back in order; faster.


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