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If you’re after cheap carpeting in Dallas or other low cost and discount options (residential or commercial) then give us a call right away!

We have the ultra cheap if that’s what you’re after. Just understand not to expect these lower end pieces to have much color and style selections but we do have them!

We need to also say that they won’t be able to resist a swarming herd of African wildebeest after stampeding through mud.

They are made to last a few years at best with moderate traffic and then be replaced.

If that’s what you’re looking for, I can get it for you. I have a number of styles that are very low cost and made specifically for rental properties, flipping homes or just general low end uses. If they are in stock locally, I can usually get them installed either next day or soon after.

Ok, that’s for the bargain folks.

The bulk of carpet orders I receive are medium to higher end products. Whether it’s patterned, special order or custom made, we’ve installed everything you can imagine.

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CFI Certified Installers

My carpet installers are CFI (Certified Floorcovering Installers) certified. They are exceptional at installing any type of carpet and no challenge is too great for them be it seaming, repairs, tricky corners, staircases, patterns or anything else you can throw at them.

Quality installers do charge more so if you’re only after the cheapest installed carpet prices in Dallas, look elsewhere because I’m not your guy.

Contact me now and let me know what carpet you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter where you saw it – I can get it.

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