Teak Shower Floors

November 13, 2022

Teak wood is a great option for shower floors. It’s a hard and durable wood that can stand up to the elements such as water and humidity that are common in the bathroom.  

It's also easy on the eyes with its light brown hue and darker streaks of grain. This makes it a pretty neutral choice when you’re putting together your bathroom design.

Whether you have teak flooring in another area of the home or just want to give the shower a new look, teak shower floors are an excellent way to bring this warm and earthy wood into your bathroom.

What Is A Teak Shower Floor?

Teak is a tropical hardwood that grows in Southeast Asia and a few other areas of the world. And, yes, the teak shower floor that you choose is made from actual wood planks, not a plastic, synthetic blend, or alternative material.

Teak shower floors are usually made using reclaimed wood, which means they are made from salvaged wood that has already been used for another purpose. These shower floors can be made from old decking, dock planks, and other wood that has been left outside and has seen its share of sun, rain, and wind.

When you purchase a teak shower floor, you can rest assured that it’s made from a durable, natural product that will stand the test of time.

Pros of Teak Shower Floors

  • A Neutral Wood: Teak wood is a warm and earthy wood that works well in many design styles. It’s not too dark, but it’s also not too light. This makes teak a neutral wood that can be mixed with almost any color scheme.
  • Easy to Clean: As teak is a hardwood, it’s easy to clean. You can simply wipe down your shower floor with a dry rag or even a wet cloth and cleaning solution. 
  • Resistant to Moisture: Along with being resistant to water, teak is also resistant to mold and mildew. This makes it a great option for bathrooms that experience humidity or flooding issues.
  • Lasts a Long Time: Teak is a hearty wood that can last you for years. If you take care of it properly, your teak shower floor should last for decades.
  • Looks Good With or Without a Shower Base: Whether you have a new shower or an older model, a teak shower floor can easily be installed without needing any other materials or changes to your current setup.

Cons of Teak Shower Floors

  • Expensive: Teak is a hard wood that is durable, but it’s also a high-quality wood. This means that while teak shower floors are a long-lasting, high-quality option, they also come with a higher price tag.
  • Color and Finish Options Are Limited: While some teak shower floors have an unfinished, raw look that allows you to stain them yourself, many teak shower floors come with a pre-finished finish that may not match your desired color.
  • Difficult to Maintain: Teak requires a lot of effort and attention to be kept in good condition, making maintenance difficult. Regular polishing and oiling are required. Your teak would still last if you didn't have the opportunity to do this, but it wouldn't look as good.

Teak Shower Floor Maintenance

If you want to keep your teak shower floor looking beautiful and feeling great, you’ll want to perform a few simple maintenance tasks.

When cleaning and drying your teak shower floor, be sure to use a soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratching the surface. You may also want to dry the floor as quickly as possible to prevent water from pooling on the surface and causing damage over time.

Next, you’ll want to polish and oil your teak shower floor every few months to keep it looking new. You can purchase teak oil at most hardware stores and online. Apply a thin coat of oil to the surface and allow it to dry for a few hours.

How Long Will A Teak Shower Floor Last?

It’s difficult to say exactly how long a teak shower floor will last since every home and its circumstances are different. In general, teak shower floors can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on the type of flooring you choose and how you care for it.

If you take good care of your teak shower floor, you can expect it to last for many years. On the other hand, if you don’t clean or maintain your teak shower floor, it could break down much faster.

You also want to make sure that you buy teak flooring that’s meant to be used in the shower. Certain types of teak wood may not be strong enough to withstand water like other types of teak wood are.

Hire Flooring By Sammer For Your New Teak Shower Floors

It may be a good idea to hire a flooring professional. A flooring contractor like us, Flooring By Sammer, knows how to install a teak shower floor correctly, and will make sure that your shower floor is safe and secure.

Flooring by Sammer was founded to satisfy the increasing need for expert flooring installation services. Our primary objective is to expertly install all kinds of flooring to the best industry standards. We go above and beyond to give our happy customers excellent service and a safe place to be.

We have an excellent reputation in the industry for creating high-quality work and have expanded our clientele via word-of-mouth. Flooring by Sammer is committed to helping its customers and the community by making all of its decisions and actions based on its core values of honesty and integrity.

Once you’ve decided to work with us, don’t hesitate to Contact Us for your appointment. If you have any questions or inquiries, contact us at (214) 650-8030 or email us at sammer@flooringbysammer.com.


Teak shower floors are made from a durable, natural product that is resistant to water and other elements found in a bathroom. As an added bonus, teak wood is beautiful and earthy in appearance, adding a warm and homey touch to your bathroom. 

Whether you have teak flooring in another area of the home or just want to give your bathroom a new look, teak shower floors are an excellent way to bring this warm and earthy wood into your bathroom.

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