Felt Right Acoustic Felt Wall Tile Review

May 10, 2021

A customer asked my thoughts on Felt Right acoustic felt wall tiles, and I didn't know what they were on about.

I reviewed kitchen, wall, and backsplash tiles and thought I covered every material possible.


So I did some research to discover a refreshingly good, American-made product perfectly made for DIYer's. Depending on your project, you can finish it in an hour/afternoon and transform your space.

This video gives you a quick snapshot of what this product is about, and I expand on it below.

Customizable Acoustic Felt Wall Designs For Your Home Or Office

If you have a large, boring blank wall at home, studio or office, but you're unsure how to decorate it, Felt Right acoustic felt wall tiles offer a unique solution. 

They're affordable, elegant, and provide sound dampening to make the interior look and feel more stylish. 

The main benefits of these tiles:

  • They instantly minimize harsh noise at home or office surroundings
  • Add a truly unique and customizable look - plenty of wow factor
  • You can cover a small part of your wall/s or blanket the whole space depending on your needs

These sound minimizing solutions were not so popular in the past, and no one thought this material (which I'll get to in a second) would be a sound-busting novelty. However, PET felt designers came up with acoustic wall tiles that check all the boxes.

The fundamental advantage Felt Right offers is the customization of your designs so you can change the entire look of an area whenever you like.

What I Liked

PET- Sustainable, Durable, and Long-lasting Felt Wall Design 

Acoustic wall tile graphic with woman
Customize Great Accent Designs

As someone big on protecting the planet, this was a big check for me.

Made from recycled plastic bottles (100% PET), they're pressed and sewn together to build a lightweight, soft, and durable material. They have a soft, wool-like appearance and bring a certain warmth to a room.

There is no ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, or any other wall tile material you're used to in this product.

Each of the Felt Right tiles contains four recycled bottles created using the sun's heat energy.

These wall tiles in different shapes and sizes last forever. PET is also recyclable and ultraviolet resistant that makes it a blessing in the era of sustainability.

You can pin and repin as many times as you want, and there will be no damage to the tiles as a result.


Effortless Installation, Minimize Noise While Retaining the Style

The tiles are effortless to install yourself. There's no mixing thinset, no grout, or special prep, and you can finish your project in hours.

PET felt panels consume sound with a .35 noise reduction coefficient. That is one of the highest absorption levels for a non-soundproofing material. 

This means you get beautiful tiles that aren't only stunning to look at but operate like soundproofing materials.


Choose From Varieties Of Casual & Formal Styles

Felt Right customized wall styles are stylish and elegant that add texture, warmth, and acoustic to any wall.

The chamfered edges make the seams practically disappear. You have three options to select from:

  1. Pick something from one of their or their customer's designs
  2. Customize an existing design
  3. Make your own

The added flexibility ensures you will find something right for your space.

Felt Right’s felt wall panels are perfect for any occasion.


What Could Be Improved

  • As a nature lover, more designs in this theme would be good. I think they have four designs, but I see no reason why
    this won't expand soon, given the product's flexibility. You can always make your own but having one done is a time saver.


  • Although they come in five different sizes allowing you to customize the design, I reckon a slab of this would be awesome. Sure it would eliminate the customization part, but having a slab of one or two colors may be better in some applications, and installation would be hyperspeed.



Most orders take 1 to 2 days. For large orders or customized tiles, that can extend to 5 business days. Also, if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can return it within 100 days after your buy it. 


Quick Snapshot Of Featured Designs

After going through many design options of Felt Right (they have hundreds of them), here are some popular selections to get you started. 


Blue argyle acoustic tile on wall
Classic Blue Argyle Option

Argyle Styles

Blue Argyle

The design of blue argyle is a classic sweater pattern.

You can get an elegant, bold design with three shades of blue colors against neutral grey.

You can customize this design anywhere in your interior design, and the 20 square feet of the tiles have a sound absorption system that is as good as it can get.  

These fantastic tiles’ color patterns come in nickel, sky, and oxford. 

  • Dimensions: The height is 4ft 5inch, and the width is 5ft 9inch.



Want to get a classic and organized look, then the argyle design will be perfect for the process. It is ideal to set up your accessories and jewelry to your eye level to prepare you for the day. 

These tiles come in two different colors: cashmere cross and the other is timber cross. 

  • Dimensions: Height is 4ft 2inch and width is 2ft 10inch. 


Ruby and Raspberry Argyle

Want a trendy look for your bedroom? I found a stunning argyle pattern perfect for getting a cozy reading corner or wherever close meetings or conversations happen. 

The patterns come in two beautiful colors: ruby and raspberry.

  • Dimensions: The height is 5ft 9inch, and the width is 4ft 5inch.


Aqua Argyle

I used to love wearing argyle pattern sweaters in my old school days.

Here, Felt Right created classic patterns for you to set your home, office, or studio. The bright and funky design can go with any space, and it has all the fantastic sound absorption features. 

You can find these three tiles colors aqua, cayman, and admiral.

  • Dimensions: The height is 4ft 5inch, and the width is 5ft 9inch. 


Browse The Argyle Series Here


Artist Series

Green Screen

Give your home office or streaming area a little Hollywood magic with the green screen design. It is the best way to transform your video call background for your important meetings. 

Also, it’s the perfect wall tile for video artists, social media influencers, and streamers with the added advantage of sound dampening.

The wall tile’s color pattern comes in the fresh lime blank. 

  • Dimensions: The height is 4ft, and the width is 6ft. 


Small shaded mountain design
Unique Backdrop

Mountain and Nature

Large Shaded Mountain

The Large shaded mountain is one of the more popular designs of Felt Right.

This rich acoustic felt wall patterns could turn any room into an elegant wall design.

It is perfect for adding to your living room, meeting space, TV, and any space that requires high-level acoustics and immersive sight. 

These tiles come in the following colors, nickel, mineral, cast, armor, and ebony. 

  • Dimensions: The height is 3ft 10inch, and the width is 9ft 9inch. 


Sunset Gradient

In the summer season, we all love to go to the beach to feel the sun.

So, why not make a sunset gradient wall art for your interiors design. Whether it is a decorative inspiration board or wall art, it’s perfect for giving your interior a creative, modern look. 

It comes in different colors and patterns like lavender, ruby, aries, oxford, admiral, citrine, and sky. 

  • Dimensions: The height is 7ft, and the width is 5ft. 


Browse The Mountain & Nature Series Here


Falling block acoustic wall tile
Tetris Office. I Want One.

Pixel Art

Falling Block Art

If you want to create a decoration for the entire wall that is equally sound-absorbing and looks creative, look no further.

A Full Falling Block Art (Tetris!) is the perfect choice for you.

The color combinations enhance creativity and problem solving while creating fun and lightheartedness. The best thing about this design is you can continuously change your fell wall art. 

This tile comes in eight different colors: cayman, aries, lavender, ebony, ruby, fresh lime, citrine, and kiwi. 

  • Dimensions: The height is 8ft 6inch, and the width is 10ft 5inch. 



Inspiration Board

Colorful Beach

Surfaces are bound to pop up with this cheerful design with bold colors, and most importantly, it can fit anywhere you want.

Its colors can highlight the kitchen, and you can easily pin your reminders and quality recipes on it.

It comes with six different tiles variants with three colors, citrine, kiwi, and sky, to help you decorate your desired place.

  • Dimensions: The height is 3ft, and the width is 2ft.


Aqua Kiwi Desk Organizer

The Aqua Kiwi Desk Organizer utilizes a two-color scheme to help you focus on your tasks and a good place to hang your upcoming tasks. It has sound-absorbing felt panels that do not require too much space.

Aqua Kiwi Desk Organizer is available in two colors: Aqua Shiplap, and the other one is Kiwi Half.

Its striking design is very suitable for sketches, calendars, reminders, and meeting notes.

  • Dimensions: The height is 4ft 6inch, and the width is 2ft.



Grapefruit Triangle Art Wall

The fizzy grapefruit juice of a hot summer afternoon is the best thing you can get for chilling in the hot weather.

The grapefruit triangle art is equally refreshing to look at, and the geometric shapes give a creative look to your boring wall.  

The color combination of the wall tiles is coral, moon, aries, and zinc. 

  • Dimensions: The height is 6ft, and the width is 5ft. 


Dark blue herringbone acoustic felt wall tile
Striking Look


Dark Blue Herringbone

Dark Blue Herringbone is a fresh take on the classic design of herringbone.

The herringbone design is stunning as it adds traditional richness to any workspace.

It has 45-degree angles and made from Shiplap tiles set to have a wonderful color palette. It has four color variants: cast, oxford, admiral, and sky.

  • Dimensions: The height is 4ft 2inch, and the width is 8ft 8inch.

Browse All Series Here


Most of the orders can only take 1 to 2 days.

For large orders or customized tiles, that can extend to 5 business days. Also, if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can return it within 100 days after your buy it. 


Easy Installation 

Tape Measure

To install, you need a tape measure with a pencil and a level.

When you have aligned your first couple of tiles, the design should fall into place a lot easier. Most designs do not take more than an hour to complete but even the more elaborate ones shouldn't take more than an afternoon.

Adhesive Tabs

Every order of Felt Right tiles comes with enough adhesive tabs for installation. You do not have to worry if you lose them because there are plenty. 


How To Clean Felt Right Tiles?

The wall panels of Felt Right Tiles are effortless to clean and maintain.

To remove dust, you need a hose or a vacuum wand. As for spot cleaning, you need a rag or household cleaner to spray the specific spot and wipe. 

Disinfecting any high-traffic areas can be done with the usual cleaning products. 

Is it Possible to Relocate Tiles?


They put in extra adhesive tabs in every order.

You can use those additional tabs to reposition one or two tiles during the installation process. If you have to relocate more tiles, you can order extra adhesive squares.

Final Thoughts

Felt Right customer reviewsThis is one of the coolest, fun, and most novel products I've reviewed.

Folks definitely enjoy this product and its versatility gives you options not found in conventional wall tile.

They don't have large slabs or an extensive range in some categories yet, but with some imagination (get your kid's feedback) it should be a fun affair.

Felt Right acoustic tiles don't eliminate noise but reduce it significantly, so you feel a noticeable difference.

You can customize Felt Right acoustic tiles to fit your needs without messing with conventional setting materials.

There's something for everyone with these tiles - both kids and adults will find a look they love.

I hope this review has been helpful.

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