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If you're looking for cheap and discount carpets here in Dallas, I have plenty for you. Just check them out here in the Specials section.

Carpeting looks great and adds warmth and style to a home. Over time though, carpets can become worn or stained and many homeowners just think they are all the same.

They are not!

Some carpets are specifically designed for rental properties and are super cheap, others for higher end homes and yet others for homes with pets. If all you're after is cheap carpet, then that's exactly what you will get. I have it for those looking for it so don't complain it "looks and feels cheap" because that's exactly what it is.

My carpet installers are Certified Floorcoverings Installers (CFI) which means they went to intensive training and specifically trained in installing all different types of carpets including looped, patterned and frieze style. They know tricky spots like around corners, steps and rooms with non square walls really well. They also know seaming and repairs exceptionally well and corretly stretch the carpet so it doesn't "ramp" in the future.

If you're in Dallas, Frisco, Plano and surrounding areas and need carpet, then drop me a line before you pull the trigger. Not only will I get you whatever carpet you are looking for, I can also suggest the best type of carpet for your needs and ensure you get the best installation possible.

Sure, you can go to a carpet store but having managed several of them over many years before, I'm telling you the service won't be the same. Since I operate independently, you won't be passed off from salesperson to installation manager to operations to anyone else.

Many carpets we can install next day contingent to stock so drop me a line and I'll do what I can to help.

The Difference

I've been on my own for almost 10 years now and in the flooring business over 15. I know there is a high turn over for salespeople in the industry so you may not always receive the most accurate advice out there.

Let me lay it out for you here:

-Pricing includes carpet, pad, removal of old carpet, pad and haul off, moving basic furniture and restoring afterwards, labor and sales tax. No surprises.

-If there is a shortage due to incorrect measurements, it's on us. You will laugh if I told you how many flooring salespeople simply do not know how to measure for carpet so fall short and inconvenience the client with delays. Or they order so little, that it is seamed into many pieces and looks horrific.

-One point of accountability. You will deal with me directly. I take full responsibility for the entire project, end of story.

-I buy directly from manufacturers like any store would so am very competitive. I said COMPETITIVE, NOT the cheapest!

-I also have access to carpet showrooms in case you prefer to browse around. I have developed a great rapport and strong professional relationships with many guys in the industry. So whether you want to see samples in your home or shop; it's entirely up to you.

-A lot of these showrooms have exclusive products you simply can't find in a larger store so you will never be short on selection.

Many years in the carpeting and flooring business have given me a good eye for details so if you need help on style, color, texture or type of carpet; just ask!


Drop me a line to get the ball rolling. Rest easy, I don't do lame high pressure sales tactics or any of that nonsense they teach salespeople at "training". I'll drop by, measure it up for you, answer any questions and help you find the carpet for your precise needs.

Tel: 214-650-8030

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