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Hardwood Floor Installation

The Difference

Finding competent hardwood flooring professionals in Dallas isn't as easy as it seems. Many are unskilled and/or unfamiliar with the details involved in preparing, installing and finishing engineered and solid wood flooring. Whether it is glue-down, hand scraped or smooth finish on site; there are processes and details that must be followed in order to get a correct installation.

I've seen many folks advertise very low labor rates for both solid and engneered hardwood flooring and when you see the finished result, you understand why. I am going to write a book when I retire about all the people that lost a lot of money and sanity after hiring one of these guys and having to tear it all out and have it redone correctly.

Look, you're paying good money for a higher end product so you deserve the very best installers. Like all my other crews, I hand picked my wood installers for specifics I look for. Not just correctly installing the wood but ensuring the details are taken care of.

We acclimate all hardwood without exception. We also moisture test your slab in several areas prior to installation to ensure it is suitable to lay the wood down. We verify the product and color with you. Sometimes I do it myself since manufacturers do make mistakes. Small precautions like this make a huge difference in the end result.

If you're looking to get the solid nail down, hand-scraped and finished on site wood, once again, I ensure you get the EXACT look you want from the intensity and direction of the scrape, to the stain to the finish.

Since I personally oversee every project, I place a very high importance on quality control. It is a little slower yes, but it's done correctly and it saves both you and us the time from having to repeatedly return for do-overs.

The other thing to keep in mind is integrity. I don't do zip code quotes where the same exact job is quoted significantly higher simply because someone lives in a more expensive zip code. This is unethical and exploitative. Don't give a you know what if you think that's old fashioned.

My team and I do not receive impeccable references from clients throughout DFW because we try to pull one over on them. We take honesty and personal integrity seriously, with the skills and knowledge to back up the impressive installation work we perform.

In the end, you are purchasing an experience together with your floors and that is something that cannot be priced out.


Shoot me an e-mail or call 214-650-8030 for a prompt in home estimate. I don't do lame high pressure let me call my manager sales tactics. Looking forward to working with you!

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